Granola Goat Skin Care Review

Hey Beauties,

Today I am reviewing a company that had sent me products for free to review. This does not hinder my opinion what so ever! I was sent a face serum as well as neroli hydro-sol! I really want to take this time to express how important skincare is in everyone’s life, and having your own regime is very beneficial to you and your health!

  • Our skin works to protect us against harsh weather, UV rays, injuries and pain
  • Regular cleansing also keeps pores clear and reduces the chances of breakouts or a dull complexion

Proper skin care is important as our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps keep this barrier strong. When the skin gets dry or irritated by harsh soaps, cracks in the skin can occur.

That being said, Granola Goat skincare seems to have it all. Like previously stated I was sent a face serum as well as neroli hydrosol.


Face Serum

                                                  The Neroli Hydrosol Benefits 

  • Neroli Hydrosol, also known as Orange Blossom, is one of the most versatile hydrosols with a pronounced impact in both skin care and Aromatherapy
  • Neroli Hydrosol is great for calming, anti anxiety and astringent
  • It’s a fantastic toner with oily skin
  • Its a softer exfoliater it helps purify pores without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils.
  • It’s psychological impact is unsurpassed for its calming and soothing properties, especially with anxiety.  With the essential oil being so costly the hydrosol makes an effective substitution for body sprays and environmental fragrance as the hydrosol does have a strong fragrance.
  • You can use Neroli Hydrosol for your bedroom! It doesn`t have to just be used on your face, how great is that?


Granola Goat is an all natural company and does not test on animals, I was lucky enough to get the chance to have a conversation with Liz (the owner) of Granola Goat in regards to her company!

1.) What Prompted you to start your own company?

  • “My skin is so sensitive and makeup is just more time in the bathroom when i could be on twitter. My solution to wearing less makeup is better skin! The best skin i`ve ever had has come from using the products i`ve created, and now offer for sale in my shop! You don`t have to hate makeup to want the best skin you can have – in fact I think the opposite is true!”

2.) How Versatile are your products?

  • “My products are super versatile! We’ve been known to use spray toners for scrapes and cuts”

3.) What makes your business stand out from other businesses?

  • “I think the thing that i`ve got that i`d like to see more of is a short list of ingredients. Even in a lot of natural products, a face serum might have 5 or more different nut and seed oils listed. Fantastic oils, but i always wonder how much of *xyz oil* am i actually getting in the few drops i use on my face? I like a variety of oils, don`t get me wrong but i want them in different products, so i`m really getting the few i need or want the most at once.”


I have been using Granola Goat for the past week and a half now, i take off all my makeup at the end of the day, cleanse my face with my favorite cleanser – sprintz on the Neroli Hydrosol and apply two pumps of the ” Amazing Face ” Face Serum. I suffer from broken capillaries in my cheeks and sun damage on my nose. My nickname growing up was literally “Nosey Rosey” I look back and laugh now but it used to irritate me to no end! Since using this product i have noticed that my skin isn`t as red and irritated and the neroli spray definitely helps keeps my skin purified and well moisturized.

Another way i use the hydro-sol is with my makeup. I put my foundation on the back of my hand and sprints not only the brush (and also beauty blender) but also the back of my hand before putting on the product. I have used it on a few clients as well and they go crazy for it. It helps distribute the product evenly and have noticed i don`t have to use as much product, that’s a win win in my book!

If i was to suggest one product that everyone should run over to Granola goat  Etsy Shop, i would recommend the hydrosol as it’s multi purpose! Liz was generous to give all of you beauties a discount code for 20% OFF!!! Just type in SHAWNEY at checkout for your discount!


What are your skincare must haves? Let me know down in the comments what you use (:


Have a great night beauties!



Vanilla and purple cut crease

Hey Beauties,

I had a little bit of free-time so I decided to play around with another MakeupGeek Eyeshadow. This time i played around with Petal Pusher. When i first started this look I really thought it would be more of a dusty purple color, but i was pleasantly surprised. I was also sent these beautiful lip product to review and instead of doing separate posts i decided to do an Ombre Lip! So this is not only introducing Petal Pusher I am also introducing Peek Cosmetics lip products!


[ F A C E ]

  • Tarte Rainforest of the sea Foundation
  • Mac Pro Longwear concealer
  • MAC Blunt for contour
  • MAC Melba Blush
  • MAC Soft and Gentle as highlight


[ E Y E S ]

  • MakeupGeek Petal Pusher in the crease
  • Lorac Cosmetics Creme Brule as transition in crease and to smoke out petal pusher
  • MakeupGeek Cherry Cola in lower crease
  • NYX cosmetics Milk Pencil on lid
  • MAC cosmetics Vanilla Pigment On the lid
  • DODO Lashes – use promo code BeautybyshawneyMUA for 10% off!!



[ L I P S ]

  • Peek Cosmetics Mystery [ Red color ] all over the lips
  • Peek Cosmetics Purple Kisses [ Purple color] in the middle of the lips blended out.

Let me just tell you how in LOVE i am with Peek Cosmetics! Their lip products are so moisturizing and smell like peppermint! They last forever as well, which is exactly what you want out of lip products!

Are you going to recreate this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Cranberry and Cola Smokey Eye

For the past few months I have been obsessing over deep cranberry shades. Like I`m serious, i need help. Ever since I could remember Red Cranberry Wine shades have screamed at my soul in various languages! So when i came across two Makeup Geek Shadows i instantly put them in my cart and anxiously awaited the mailman to arrive at my doorstep.  Let me introduce you to my NEWEST MUG Shadows!!

Bitten MUG Bitten 

Cherry Cola and MUG Cherry Cola

If you don`t have these colors, i suggest you go to Makeup Geek website and order your little heart out beauties!!

Now onto the Makeup Look!

If you want to know how i achieved this look using these two shadows, Keep reading!


Fc E ]

  • Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation
  • MAC Blunt for contour
  • MAC Melba Blush
  • ABH Dipbrow in Chocolate



EE S ]

  • MakeupGeek Bitten on the Lid
  • MakeupGeek Cherry Cola on the outer corner &lower crease as well the inner corner
  • MakeupGeek Creme Brule as transition shade in the crease
  • MakeupGeek Chickadee blending out the transition shade in the crease
  • LORAC pro 2 palette Buff as brow bone highlight
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette Creme Brule (Gold Color) as inner corner highlight.




[ L I P S ]

  • Colorpop Beeper


Is there a color you just can`t live without?! Leave it in the comments below.



Any suggestions for new makeup looks to show you guys?! Leave that in the comments as well. Goodnight everyone!

MOTN Smokey Eye

Hey Beauties!

Do you ever get home after a long day of working and just NEED to do something dramatic? Today was one of those days. So while everyone was at work tonight i turned on Pretty Little Liars, popped in my Bellami Extensions and pulled out my MAC 15 palette and set to work!


[ F A C E ]

Kat Von D – Lock it tattoo Foundation

Nars Sheer Glow – Used as a concealer

Bare Minerals – Medium Beige Original Formula

Rimmel – Sunny Bronzer

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish – Soft n Gentle

[ E Y E S ]

Makeup Geek Cosmetics – Creme Brule (Crease)

Mac Cosmetics – Brown Script (Crease)

Mac Cosmetics – Handwritten (Crease)

Nyx Cosmetics – Black Bean as a base on the lid

Mac Cosmetics – Carbon (Lid)

Mac Cosmetics – Club (middle crease as a sweep of color)

Lashes – DoDoLashes


[ L I P S ]

NYX Cosmetics – Soft Spoken

Colorpop Cosmetics – Midi in the middle of the lips


Feather River Cosmetics

Hey Beauties,

Let me start off with the fact that I truly am sorry for not updating in a couple of days. My best friend, practical sister has been going through a tough time lately and my focus has been primarily on her. I haven`t even worn makeup in a few weeks! We have recently gotten better news and i am now able to ease my mind enough to be able to write a thorough blog post! Just in time for these BEAUTIFUL eyeshadows!!

I was sent these products to review for free, but that doesn`t hinder my opinion what so ever. I would pay a TON for these eyeshadows!! Just look at them! They are beautiful. Can you believe that was a quick dip in the eyeshadow and just ONE sweep on my arm.


Feather River Body is a shop located on Etsy. These shadows, AHHH, they give me life! I intended to only swatch a few colors and write a blog post on my favorites but seriously, look at those colors!!! These shadows run at $6.00 a piece, which is a steal if you think about it. If you’re an avid MAC lover (like myself) these are great in comparison. They are pressed shadow pigments and would fit perfectly in your MAC palette / Z palette ; Whatever you have at home!

From Left to Right

Fire Catcher – It’s the most beautiful magenta. In some lights it shines purple and in others it shines pink! I believe this would look Most beautiful on Brown or Hazel eyes!

Copper Note – This is an unique color to be honest. It swatches as a burnt copper with a slight pink reflect in it. I think this would be beautiful on any eye color!

Ripples – I love ripples! I would say this is a blueish pinkish cream. It would be a beautiful highlight color with a blue smokey eye or maybe a magenta or burgundy smokey eye! I would even rock this on a “no makeup” Makeup day as an inner corner highlight – it’s absolutely STUNNING!

Blue Gem – This is a Sapphire Blue – This one honestly takes my breath away. This would be absolutely gorgeous as a lid color on Hazel/Brown eyes ; I even like it on my greenish/grey/blue Eyes!

Water Fall – Water fall is what i would consider a duo chrome. It has blue as well as green pigmentation in it. It’s very similar to MAC’s Blue Brown pigment but on crack! I can imagine this looking great on every single eye color!

Amber – If you love bronze, this is your color ! I can`t get enough of this shade! It has gold and beautiful brown hues in this and the pigmentation is off the chain! This would look beautiful on any eye color in my honest opinion ; but if you have any type of honey hue to your eye color this will make your eyes POP!

Save the Last dance – This cranberry hue is very similar to “cranberry” from MAC cosmetics. This is labeled as a Mauvey Pink Metallic. I would have to agree on that  it’s very unique. I am in aww of this color!

Rushed – EEEK! If you’re a purple fan like myself you would LOVE this color. It’s a metallic magnetic purple hue with what swatches as gold reflects of glitter ; You green eyed ladies this one is PERFECT for you!

Midnight Blue – Navy Hued lovers! this one is great for you! On a side note, i have recently been LOVING navy hues on everything this summer ; from eyeshadows to nails to hair color. Whenever i see it i practically Bee line to where it’s at. If you love navy hues this would and will become a staple in your makeup collection.

Paris – Did anyone catch Gigi Hadid’s makeup recently at one of the events she attended? It’s a cranberry/maroon smokey eye! I swear this would be PERFECT to recreate that beautiful look. I can`t get enough of this shade.

What is everyone’s favorite? I can`t decide as they are all so beautiful and their texture is wonderful. I will definitely be ordering more from them very soon!

Let me know in the comments what ones are your favorite and i`ll use them in the next pictorial i make !








My Personal Favorite MAC shadows [Swatches]

Hey Beauties!!

Have you ever ordered something online and practically stalked the mail for the next week or so waiting for your purchase to come?! That’s me, with makeup, every.single.time! Guess whatJUST arrived?! Yep! More eyeshadows.. My puppy and i practically had a dance party when the mailman knocked on the door and we had the package in our hands! I`m energized and ready to write a blog post, her on the other hand…

Gotta love puppies!! lol Anyways,  I`m taking this nap time very seriously and sitting down to write my personal favorite must have eyeshadows / descriptions and of course SWATCHES, because who doesn`t love swatches?!

MAC Eyeshadow
I keep my favorite mac shadows in a 15 eyeshadow palette, i`ll be swatching them from left to right, except for the last row on the right as i will do those last. Those are my favorite brow bone highlight shades!

First Row Left to Righ
1.) Brown Script ( Matte 2 ); Brown script in my opinion is the prettiest red brown! It warms up any look and works great as a lid color as well as a crease color! I use this when i do light makeup as well as smokey eyes. This is a staple in my opinion!
2.) Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl ) ; This is a beautiful gold shadow! As you can tell since i`ve hit pan on this that its a staple. Not only do i use this shadow on blue eyes, it works great with green eyes as well as brown eyes! It’s beautiful for all over the lid or in the inner corner to make those eyes POP!
3.) Swiss Chocolate ( Matte ) ; Ahh Swiss Chocolate. This color is great as a transition. It’s a light milk chocolate color and beautiful on the lid, crease, under eye! It’s also great to use to blend out other shades as well. I love using this shade with Brown Script!
4.) Grain ( Satin ) ; Grain is beautiful. It’s great to dust in the crease for a “no makeup, makeup” look! I use grain when i want to blend out lighter colors. It comes off a little on the pink side on my skin tone but it’s non the less beautiful.
Second Row Left to Right
5.) Nocturnelle ( Frost ) ; This is a stunning purple shade. I truthfully believe that this shadow would look great on everyone, but hazel eyes and green eyes is beautiful!! It’s a frost and has some shimmers in it. It’s great on the lid and in the crease. I like to use nocturnelle on the bottom lash line while i`m wearing a soft makeup look! It’s stunning and brings the green out in the eyes.
6.) Carbon ( Matte ) ; This is a basic run of the mill black. I recommend if you are looking for a super stark black to skin out on this shadow. Although it’s a black and dark shade, i believe the formation could be a little better. Still a staple. (:
7.) Club ( Satin ) ; This is the coolest shade ! It’s a duo chrome. So although it looks brown in the tin, it’s actually green in some angles! Isn`t that awesome!? This shade works great with a brown smokey eye! It’s stunning!!
8.) Motif ( Frost ) ;  This is also another duo chrome type highlight color. It’s a yellow tone highlight color with a beautiful pink hue! I like to wear this when i have a purple smokey eye, or even when i`m using smokey pinks on the eye. I will usually use this as an inner corner highlight!
Third Row Left to Right 
9.) Typographic ( Matte 2 ) ; This is a cool tone gray color. I love this when blending out black shadows as it’s still around the same hue but softer to blend. This shade is beautiful. I have bought three of these bad boys in the past 4 years as i`ve used this so much! You have to be sort of careful with it though as it’s very easy to overdo it !
10.) Handwritten ( Matte 2 ) – This is a cool tone purple brown shade. The texture is like butter! Matte 2 shades all feel so soft and smooth and buttery! I love them. If you’re looking for a beautiful cool tone brown this is the color for you!
11.) Ground Brown ( Matte ) – It’s a beautiful rich brown. I really like this color. it has a smooth texture almost like the matte 2’s but a little more dense. It’s a mix between warm tone and cool tones also! Very versatile.
12.)  Deep Damson ( Matte ) ; Ahhh Deep Damson you give me life. This is a beautiful beautiful beautiful matte shade. It’s a deeper purple and beautiful as a crease/lid/blush WHATEVER you wish to use it as it’s beautiful!!
13.) Vanilla ( Satin ) ; Vanilla is pretty true to shade, so i`m not going to really swatch the neutral colors at this time. It’s a creamy beige white with a little bit of yellow reflex in it! Beautiful!!
14.) Crystal Avalanche ( Frost ) ; This is the sparkliest pretty white i`ve ever used. It’s a cool tone white which is beautiful in itself. This is beautiful as an inner corner highlight!
15. ) Mylar ( Satin ) ; Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful ; this is described as well as a beautiful creamy off white. I love this one the most for my brow bone highlight, I feel as though it pulls all my colors together regardless of what i`m wearing!!
Bottom row – Brown script, Woodwinked, Swiss Chocolate, Grain, Nocturnelle, Carbon, Club, Motif, Typographic, Handwritten
Top Row – Ground Brown, Deep Damson, Vanilla, Mylar.
What are your must have shadows? Are you going to run out and purchase any of the ones ahead? I`m always looking to try new ones and maybe get a couple more staples. Recommendations?
Have a great day Loves!! My puppy has decided that it is now time to go to the park so off we go!

Semi Smokey Makeup Walk thru

Hey Beauties!!

With Valentines day right around the corner, i decided to head to sephora to see what new red lipstick i could get my hands on. While browsing for the new NYX Ombre lipliners, i came across the new (at least new to me) Soft Matte Lip Creams!! The color that caught my eye first was Madrid and just HAD to have it!!

I decided to sit down and film how i did this makeup look and accidentally deleted the footage 😦 So instead, I dedicated a blog post to explain the steps i took to get this look! How gorgeous is this lip cream?! I look at it in person and in photos and i`ve come to the conclusion that I have no idea how i lived my life without it! So if you want to know how to achieve this look, Keep reading (:!

Start with a fresh face! I started out washing my face, using a Perfectly posh face mask “The Stripper” and moisturized / Primed with Nivea Post Shave Balm  in “sensitive” I hear everyone talking about it and decided to pick it up last Sunday while at target! As seen below

                                                                      [ F A C E ]
Kat Von D – Lock It Foundation in the Shade: Medium 54
MAC ProLong Wear Concealer – Shade: NW25
BlinkBeauty – Banana Powder
NYC Bronzer – Sunny Bronzer
MAC Blush – Melba
MAC Highlight – Soft n Gentle
                                                                      [ E Y E S ]
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow – Creme Brule in Crease as transition color
MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow – Brown Script to deepen the crease
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow – Petal Pusher to blend out both Creme Brule and Brown Script
MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow – Carbon to darker the outer Lid
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow – Bitten to transition Carbon on Lid as well bottom lash line
Lorac Cosmetics – Rose Gold from the Lorac Two Palette on lid as well bottom lash line
L’oreal Eyeliner – Lineur Intense felt tip eyeliner to slightly line my lid
Ardell Lashes – Doubled up
                                                      [ L I P S ]
NYX Cosmetics:  Cherry Lip Liner
NYX Cosmetics:  Madrid Soft Matte Cream
The Final Look!
Let me know in the comments of this post if you`d like to see more makeup tutorials!!

The Skinista Clearista

Hey Beauties!!

We are talking about Clearista today!!! I got sent this wonderful product to review for Free, but that doesn’t hinder my opinion what so ever! Any reviews i post on my blog are 100% Truthful and Honest!

And here is it loves! Clearista is a retexturing gel that you use twice a day. On their website, it claims to “turn back the clock” on your skin. After using it twice a day for a few days i have noticed that my skin feels refreshed, younger looking and so smooth! My skin isn`t one to “get break outs” except for the occasional hormonal break out. I`ve seen reviews and pictures of before and afters (located on their website) of people with acne prone skin and boy, what a difference! Not only did it help clear up their skin but also helped with acne scars fading!!
My personal approach is, i have my fiance (whom has acne prone skin) hooked on this product as well! Even he notices a difference in his skin. Whenever he has breakouts, his self esteem lowers tremendously and now he walks around with a new found confidence! I definitely will be purchasing more of this product the second i run out ! For my skin, i`ve noticed my pores are much smaller than before and noticed my skin doesn`t get as oily as it has in the past. I am only 25 years old, but my skin looks like i`m in my mid teens! I couldn`t be more happy
I definitely will keep this updated as my two weeks progresses, but so far i am loving clearista!

[ What you need as a freelancer to apply for Pro Discounts ]

Hey Beauties!

I tend to get the most questions on how to get pro discounts from pro makeup brands,  I have decided that instead of answering questions individually that i will  Put it into a two part series as detailed as possible, explaining how to obtain your own discounts through reputable brands such as Sigma, Crown Brushes, ABH, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals and so forth! So let’s get comfortable, grab a drink and let’s go.

What you NEED

  • Business Cards
  • Composite Card
  • Website
  • Photo ID
  • Portfolio of YOUR work (please do not use random people’s work)

First and foremost you need a business card. I made mine through Vista Print. I will insert a sample of a makeup artist business card below. Vista print is a good site to use as it has many different templates you could chose from and customize to fit your style.

Once you have done that, i went over to make my Composite Card from where they as well have a bunch of template   s and ideas you can put onto it. Are you wondering what a composite card is? When i was doing my research I was not sure either but as my research continued, I found that it serves as a marketing tool for makeup artists, so use a copy of your own work! (make sure that you make a good amount of both Comp Cards and business cards as you will be sending it out to companies to put on file )

You also need to make sure you have your Picture ID (or drivers license) that you will be able to make copies of to send along with those two other pieces of information! They need it on file to verify that it is in fact you applying for the business pro discounts!

Moving on to the website aspect! I made mine on – I found it the easiest to make it to my liking and also was free to make! I will provide the link to my web address so you can check it out on how I structured my website! My Business Website LINK  . They also have a hosting option where you pay for your own domain address! I suggest everyone at least check them out!

My Impress Nail Review!

Hey Beauties!!

Today i`ll be reviewing my take on “Impress Nails”.  I have to say that i am usually one to ignore my nails, I do a lot of work with my hands and it tends to chip fairly easily. I was browsing CVS the other day and came across these nails, immediately I was intrigued “press on nails?” ABSOLUTELY! They were so easy to apply to your nails, literally takes me about 5 minutes to match to my nails and stick on. I am planning to put them to the test during my little cousin’s wedding in March!

The Wear: The first time i used these they did not last too long, maybe 48 hours? The second time i applied these nails they lasted for about a week before they started to come loose! They recommend waiting an hour for the glue to adhere to the nail. The first time i waited about 15 minutes and started doing other things and i believe that is why it didn`t last for too long!

To Apply: First and foremost match your nails to the sizes and lay them out in front of you, that is a big step as you do not want to be reaching in to the packaging while you are applying the nails to your own. Once you have those laid out go ahead and pull the plastic off the back press the nail onto your nail and hold for a few seconds. It’s that easy!!!

Let me know if anyone tries these nails. I included a picture of the set i chose!
Have a good day lovelies!!!