My favorite Bath Products!

Let’s talk bath bombs! I recently broke my foot in the most ridiculous way possible, NOTE to everyone, please do not run in sandals !! LOL I was put into a cast for 6 very long weeks and then a non walking boot for another 4 and let me tell you, I couldn`t WAIT to soak in a luxurious bath with a bath bomb! I am proud to officially say that I can take long hot baths again as I am now cleared for walking in regular shoes! So in honor of my great news, I have decided to dedicate an entire blog post to review my FAVORITE bath bombs as well as products that have helped me in my time of need!! So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk BATH PRODUCTS!!

Let’s start off with my absolute FAVORITE Etsy store Bare Naked Bath

Bare naked bath is absolutely amazing, her products are perfect for a quick soak or even a long drawn bath. Another great thing? They are insanely afforable! Her half bath bombs are a great price at only $3.50 and she has a great variety of different scents!! With the moisturizing butters she includes in her products, i always get out of the shower or tub feeling refreshed, soft and moisturized! A few of my favorite bath products from Bare naked bath are..

Serendipity Bath Bomb – This scent comes in a soap as well,  This smells like Cherries, Orange Citrus, Coconut and Heaven! I actually have one i am currently smelling and let me tell you, it was very difficult to put it down and write this blog post! It’s one of those scents you want around your house in candle warmers so you can smell it constantly.
Fruit Loop Bath Bomb – Now does this not this look like a scoop of rainbow sherbet? It’s the best of both worlds considering it smells like fruit loops!!! Imagine sitting in a nice moisturizing bath reminiscing of your childhood eating a big bowl of fruit loops! Haha, okay so maybe that’s just me but still. This is definitely a MUST HAVE in your bath bomb collection!
Fairy Dust soap – This is a holy grail and I can`t wait until i replenish my soak once it’s done! This has become a staple in my household! I got some for my mother in law for her spa kit for christmas and she loves it as well! This scent is incredible!!
Bare Naked Bath is exclusively on Etsy, but she also has her own instagram account under the name barenakedbath . She adds new products to her instagram before putting it in her shop and takes orders through email and instagram!!! Definitely check her out, the shipping is FAST and so well put together. I`d chose her products over ANYTHING. If you check her out – let her know i sent ya!
The next set of bath products are from LUSH cosmetics.
I know i know, everyone knows about lush and i really like to bring up and review smaller companies that deserve to be recognized but i had to include two products from lush that i haven`t been able to find anywhere else!
Buffy Body Butter – Now, i honestly LOVED Aqua Mirabilis but LUSH discontinued the item 😦 This is comparible to it and i do absolutely Love buffy but if anyone knows something that is close to Aqua mirabilis i`d greatly appreciate the recommendation! With BUFFY – my body feels exfoliated without feeling dry! The scent is awesome and a staple in your shower!
SANDSTONE – This is the best thing ever, it has a citrus smell to it and the sand is the perfect mix of exfoliator I have ever used. I recommend to anyone who wants a mild but good body exfoliator! I even managed to get my fiance hooked on this product!! It’s definitely a must have!! i keep this in my shower all year round!

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