My Impress Nail Review!

Hey Beauties!!

Today i`ll be reviewing my take on “Impress Nails”.  I have to say that i am usually one to ignore my nails, I do a lot of work with my hands and it tends to chip fairly easily. I was browsing CVS the other day and came across these nails, immediately I was intrigued “press on nails?” ABSOLUTELY! They were so easy to apply to your nails, literally takes me about 5 minutes to match to my nails and stick on. I am planning to put them to the test during my little cousin’s wedding in March!

The Wear: The first time i used these they did not last too long, maybe 48 hours? The second time i applied these nails they lasted for about a week before they started to come loose! They recommend waiting an hour for the glue to adhere to the nail. The first time i waited about 15 minutes and started doing other things and i believe that is why it didn`t last for too long!

To Apply: First and foremost match your nails to the sizes and lay them out in front of you, that is a big step as you do not want to be reaching in to the packaging while you are applying the nails to your own. Once you have those laid out go ahead and pull the plastic off the back press the nail onto your nail and hold for a few seconds. It’s that easy!!!

Let me know if anyone tries these nails. I included a picture of the set i chose!
Have a good day lovelies!!!

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