My Personal Favorite MAC shadows [Swatches]

Hey Beauties!!

Have you ever ordered something online and practically stalked the mail for the next week or so waiting for your purchase to come?! That’s me, with makeup, every.single.time! Guess whatJUST arrived?! Yep! More eyeshadows.. My puppy and i practically had a dance party when the mailman knocked on the door and we had the package in our hands! I`m energized and ready to write a blog post, her on the other hand…

Gotta love puppies!! lol Anyways,  I`m taking this nap time very seriously and sitting down to write my personal favorite must have eyeshadows / descriptions and of course SWATCHES, because who doesn`t love swatches?!

MAC Eyeshadow
I keep my favorite mac shadows in a 15 eyeshadow palette, i`ll be swatching them from left to right, except for the last row on the right as i will do those last. Those are my favorite brow bone highlight shades!

First Row Left to Righ
1.) Brown Script ( Matte 2 ); Brown script in my opinion is the prettiest red brown! It warms up any look and works great as a lid color as well as a crease color! I use this when i do light makeup as well as smokey eyes. This is a staple in my opinion!
2.) Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl ) ; This is a beautiful gold shadow! As you can tell since i`ve hit pan on this that its a staple. Not only do i use this shadow on blue eyes, it works great with green eyes as well as brown eyes! It’s beautiful for all over the lid or in the inner corner to make those eyes POP!
3.) Swiss Chocolate ( Matte ) ; Ahh Swiss Chocolate. This color is great as a transition. It’s a light milk chocolate color and beautiful on the lid, crease, under eye! It’s also great to use to blend out other shades as well. I love using this shade with Brown Script!
4.) Grain ( Satin ) ; Grain is beautiful. It’s great to dust in the crease for a “no makeup, makeup” look! I use grain when i want to blend out lighter colors. It comes off a little on the pink side on my skin tone but it’s non the less beautiful.
Second Row Left to Right
5.) Nocturnelle ( Frost ) ; This is a stunning purple shade. I truthfully believe that this shadow would look great on everyone, but hazel eyes and green eyes is beautiful!! It’s a frost and has some shimmers in it. It’s great on the lid and in the crease. I like to use nocturnelle on the bottom lash line while i`m wearing a soft makeup look! It’s stunning and brings the green out in the eyes.
6.) Carbon ( Matte ) ; This is a basic run of the mill black. I recommend if you are looking for a super stark black to skin out on this shadow. Although it’s a black and dark shade, i believe the formation could be a little better. Still a staple. (:
7.) Club ( Satin ) ; This is the coolest shade ! It’s a duo chrome. So although it looks brown in the tin, it’s actually green in some angles! Isn`t that awesome!? This shade works great with a brown smokey eye! It’s stunning!!
8.) Motif ( Frost ) ;  This is also another duo chrome type highlight color. It’s a yellow tone highlight color with a beautiful pink hue! I like to wear this when i have a purple smokey eye, or even when i`m using smokey pinks on the eye. I will usually use this as an inner corner highlight!
Third Row Left to Right 
9.) Typographic ( Matte 2 ) ; This is a cool tone gray color. I love this when blending out black shadows as it’s still around the same hue but softer to blend. This shade is beautiful. I have bought three of these bad boys in the past 4 years as i`ve used this so much! You have to be sort of careful with it though as it’s very easy to overdo it !
10.) Handwritten ( Matte 2 ) – This is a cool tone purple brown shade. The texture is like butter! Matte 2 shades all feel so soft and smooth and buttery! I love them. If you’re looking for a beautiful cool tone brown this is the color for you!
11.) Ground Brown ( Matte ) – It’s a beautiful rich brown. I really like this color. it has a smooth texture almost like the matte 2’s but a little more dense. It’s a mix between warm tone and cool tones also! Very versatile.
12.)  Deep Damson ( Matte ) ; Ahhh Deep Damson you give me life. This is a beautiful beautiful beautiful matte shade. It’s a deeper purple and beautiful as a crease/lid/blush WHATEVER you wish to use it as it’s beautiful!!
13.) Vanilla ( Satin ) ; Vanilla is pretty true to shade, so i`m not going to really swatch the neutral colors at this time. It’s a creamy beige white with a little bit of yellow reflex in it! Beautiful!!
14.) Crystal Avalanche ( Frost ) ; This is the sparkliest pretty white i`ve ever used. It’s a cool tone white which is beautiful in itself. This is beautiful as an inner corner highlight!
15. ) Mylar ( Satin ) ; Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful ; this is described as well as a beautiful creamy off white. I love this one the most for my brow bone highlight, I feel as though it pulls all my colors together regardless of what i`m wearing!!
Bottom row – Brown script, Woodwinked, Swiss Chocolate, Grain, Nocturnelle, Carbon, Club, Motif, Typographic, Handwritten
Top Row – Ground Brown, Deep Damson, Vanilla, Mylar.
What are your must have shadows? Are you going to run out and purchase any of the ones ahead? I`m always looking to try new ones and maybe get a couple more staples. Recommendations?
Have a great day Loves!! My puppy has decided that it is now time to go to the park so off we go!

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