[ What you need as a freelancer to apply for Pro Discounts ]

Hey Beauties!

I tend to get the most questions on how to get pro discounts from pro makeup brands,  I have decided that instead of answering questions individually that i will  Put it into a two part series as detailed as possible, explaining how to obtain your own discounts through reputable brands such as Sigma, Crown Brushes, ABH, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals and so forth! So let’s get comfortable, grab a drink and let’s go.

What you NEED

  • Business Cards
  • Composite Card
  • Website
  • Photo ID
  • Portfolio of YOUR work (please do not use random people’s work)

First and foremost you need a business card. I made mine through Vista Print. I will insert a sample of a makeup artist business card below. Vista print is a good site to use as it has many different templates you could chose from and customize to fit your style.

Once you have done that, i went over to make my Composite Card from Zazzle.com where they as well have a bunch of template   s and ideas you can put onto it. Are you wondering what a composite card is? When i was doing my research I was not sure either but as my research continued, I found that it serves as a marketing tool for makeup artists, so use a copy of your own work! (make sure that you make a good amount of both Comp Cards and business cards as you will be sending it out to companies to put on file )

You also need to make sure you have your Picture ID (or drivers license) that you will be able to make copies of to send along with those two other pieces of information! They need it on file to verify that it is in fact you applying for the business pro discounts!

Moving on to the website aspect! I made mine on WIX.com – I found it the easiest to make it to my liking and also was free to make! I will provide the link to my web address so you can check it out on how I structured my website! My Business Website LINK  . They also have a hosting option where you pay for your own domain address! I suggest everyone at least check them out!


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