The Skinista Clearista

Hey Beauties!!

We are talking about Clearista today!!! I got sent this wonderful product to review for Free, but that doesn’t hinder my opinion what so ever! Any reviews i post on my blog are 100% Truthful and Honest!

And here is it loves! Clearista is a retexturing gel that you use twice a day. On their website, it claims to “turn back the clock” on your skin. After using it twice a day for a few days i have noticed that my skin feels refreshed, younger looking and so smooth! My skin isn`t one to “get break outs” except for the occasional hormonal break out. I`ve seen reviews and pictures of before and afters (located on their website) of people with acne prone skin and boy, what a difference! Not only did it help clear up their skin but also helped with acne scars fading!!
My personal approach is, i have my fiance (whom has acne prone skin) hooked on this product as well! Even he notices a difference in his skin. Whenever he has breakouts, his self esteem lowers tremendously and now he walks around with a new found confidence! I definitely will be purchasing more of this product the second i run out ! For my skin, i`ve noticed my pores are much smaller than before and noticed my skin doesn`t get as oily as it has in the past. I am only 25 years old, but my skin looks like i`m in my mid teens! I couldn`t be more happy
I definitely will keep this updated as my two weeks progresses, but so far i am loving clearista!

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