Feather River Cosmetics

Hey Beauties,

Let me start off with the fact that I truly am sorry for not updating in a couple of days. My best friend, practical sister has been going through a tough time lately and my focus has been primarily on her. I haven`t even worn makeup in a few weeks! We have recently gotten better news and i am now able to ease my mind enough to be able to write a thorough blog post! Just in time for these BEAUTIFUL eyeshadows!!

I was sent these products to review for free, but that doesn`t hinder my opinion what so ever. I would pay a TON for these eyeshadows!! Just look at them! They are beautiful. Can you believe that was a quick dip in the eyeshadow and just ONE sweep on my arm.


Feather River Body is a shop located on Etsy. These shadows, AHHH, they give me life! I intended to only swatch a few colors and write a blog post on my favorites but seriously, look at those colors!!! These shadows run at $6.00 a piece, which is a steal if you think about it. If you’re an avid MAC lover (like myself) these are great in comparison. They are pressed shadow pigments and would fit perfectly in your MAC palette / Z palette ; Whatever you have at home!

From Left to Right

Fire Catcher – It’s the most beautiful magenta. In some lights it shines purple and in others it shines pink! I believe this would look Most beautiful on Brown or Hazel eyes!

Copper Note – This is an unique color to be honest. It swatches as a burnt copper with a slight pink reflect in it. I think this would be beautiful on any eye color!

Ripples – I love ripples! I would say this is a blueish pinkish cream. It would be a beautiful highlight color with a blue smokey eye or maybe a magenta or burgundy smokey eye! I would even rock this on a “no makeup” Makeup day as an inner corner highlight – it’s absolutely STUNNING!

Blue Gem – This is a Sapphire Blue – This one honestly takes my breath away. This would be absolutely gorgeous as a lid color on Hazel/Brown eyes ; I even like it on my greenish/grey/blue Eyes!

Water Fall – Water fall is what i would consider a duo chrome. It has blue as well as green pigmentation in it. It’s very similar to MAC’s Blue Brown pigment but on crack! I can imagine this looking great on every single eye color!

Amber – If you love bronze, this is your color ! I can`t get enough of this shade! It has gold and beautiful brown hues in this and the pigmentation is off the chain! This would look beautiful on any eye color in my honest opinion ; but if you have any type of honey hue to your eye color this will make your eyes POP!

Save the Last dance – This cranberry hue is very similar to “cranberry” from MAC cosmetics. This is labeled as a Mauvey Pink Metallic. I would have to agree on that  it’s very unique. I am in aww of this color!

Rushed – EEEK! If you’re a purple fan like myself you would LOVE this color. It’s a metallic magnetic purple hue with what swatches as gold reflects of glitter ; You green eyed ladies this one is PERFECT for you!

Midnight Blue – Navy Hued lovers! this one is great for you! On a side note, i have recently been LOVING navy hues on everything this summer ; from eyeshadows to nails to hair color. Whenever i see it i practically Bee line to where it’s at. If you love navy hues this would and will become a staple in your makeup collection.

Paris – Did anyone catch Gigi Hadid’s makeup recently at one of the events she attended? It’s a cranberry/maroon smokey eye! I swear this would be PERFECT to recreate that beautiful look. I can`t get enough of this shade.

What is everyone’s favorite? I can`t decide as they are all so beautiful and their texture is wonderful. I will definitely be ordering more from them very soon!

Let me know in the comments what ones are your favorite and i`ll use them in the next pictorial i make !









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